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Pakistan’s leading Hospitality & Tourism industry demands professional trained human resources to serve these industries. COTHM strives to offer several trainings & projects to promote the Pakistan’s Tourism industry. This will contribute in portraying the soft image of Pakistan.

COTHM Hospitality Foundation is a non-governmental, non-commercial and apolitical organization based in Lahore, Pakistan. The Foundation established in 2011 has Pakistan’s leading tourism and hospitality industry professionals within its ranks. The Foundation has so far completed a number of training projects successfully.

The ultimate aim of the Foundation is to build a soft image of Pakistan through promotion of Pakistan’s travel, tourism, culinary arts, hospitality, culture and heritage industry on both domestic and international fronts. To achieve this aim, the Foundation is striving to develop a qualified and professionally trained human resource within the country to serve the local and international industry in keeping with international standards, and to represent Pakistan on international forums as the best education and training provider in the field.

The objectives of COTHM Hospitality Foundation are establishing a tourism and hospitality management university as well as colleges and training institutions across the country; collaboration with both private and public sectors to run teaching and training projects; providing professional support through lectures and seminars to the tourism, travel, culinary and hospitality industry; providing common people access to upcoming training opportunities in the field which, in turn, will enable them to reap the economic benefits that this huge industry offers; taking up CSR initiatives to support the government and other departments in their social development programmes thus serving the underprivileged by improving their skill set; providing free education and training opportunities to deserving students through scholarships and other financial assistance programmes; and promotion of gender equality in society by providing skill development education and training opportunities to women.

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A subsidiary of COTHM, “COTHM MANPOWER INTERNATIONAL” (CMI) is the leading manpower and Human Resources Provider Company. CMI is fully awake to the current challenges involved in providing quality manpower and human resources. The vision of CMI is to maintain excellent standards of services and create linkages with hospitality organizations globally to address their manpower and human resources needs and requirements from line level to the management positions without compromising on the quality. CMI provides complete support to COTHMs students to create access for the students of COTHM to avail the best available job opportunities in the ever-expanding hospitality, travel and tourism industry globally.

Hospitality Plus is a monthly publication of COTHM which is used as an effective print media tool to project our point-of-view involving the travel, tourism and hospitality industry.

This exclusive publication is meant for hoteliers who comprise some 35% of our total target audience. The remaining 65% are the executives from travel companies, research firms, marketing companies, technology suppliers and service providers to the hospitality industry, publishers, colleges, universities and the corporate sector in general.In all some 80% of the readers occupy top management positions.

Advertising in this publication will unfold marvelous opportunities for you to Enhance Your Brand Presence and Build Your Corporate Image.

COTHM School System is committed to serve the District Okara in a distinctive manner in the field of education.

The main objective is to provide highest quality of education to the students based on innovative, latest research and technology. Our philosophy is to develop a strong desire for learning, with skills and discipline to succeed in a competitive world.

COTHM School System is situated at such a place which is easily accessible for the newly developed residential areas in Okara as well as from the Central City and nearby villages.

COTHM Gastronomy Studio is a modern kitchen at COTHM which is used to provide practical training of the Food & Beverage Services operations to the students.

With over 16 years now behind COTHM, it has risen to become the first and only institute of its kind in Pakistan, which has an established alumni network, ‘COTHM Alumni Association’. This association is the largest alumni body of a hotel, travel tourism and culinary arts school in Pakistan with over 2500 active members.

COTHM is proud to have trained over 6000 professionals. Our alumni are serving in the industry’s best hotels, restaurants, dining establishments, tourism departments, airlines, clubs and other government, private organizations and multinational companies.

Through regular meetings, correspondence and other means of communication, COTHM Alumni Association is kept vibrant and engaged. An annual dinner is organized on a regular basis to allow the COTHM alumni to get together, cherish old campus memories with each other and build and strengthen their networking since many are highly placed in reputable organizations both in Pakistan and abroad. On a yearly basis, COTHM also confers Recognition Awards and Appreciation Shields on its former students for showing high achievements in the industry.

COTHM Alumni Association is a dynamic and proactive forum, which has been providing a wide variety of benefits to its members and also proving beneficial for the college students and fresh graduates in securing good internship opportunities and job placements in the industry. The office of alumni relations presents an innovative way for alumni to stay connected with COTHM. You now can connect with other alumni as well as recieve the latest campus news,events and other programs with complete information on your finger tips.


The Chefs’ Association of Pakistan (CAP), founded in 2006, is an apolitical and nonprofit organization. The CAP is a proud member of World Chefs, Paris – the global authority on food. The CAP is the only national association of Pakistan, which is internationally recognized. It represents finest chefs, restaurateurs, hoteliers, food & beverage companies, culinarians, educators, learners and other stakeholders of Pakistan’s hospitality, culinary, travel and tourism Industry.

The CAP is dedicated to the promotion, progress and empowerment of all its members, partners and associates in Pakistan and abroad. The association provides Pakistani chefs an international platform with countless opportunities of displaying their expertise, upgrading their professional profiles, skills, standards, qualifications and professional networks.