COTHM Hospitality Foundation

COTHM Hospitality Foundation is a non-governmental, non-commercial and apolitical organization based in Lahore, Pakistan. The Foundation established in 2011 has Pakistan’s leading tourism and hospitality industry professionals within its ranks. The Foundation has so far completed a number of training projects successfully.


The ultimate aim of the Foundation is to build a soft image of Pakistan through promotion of Pakistan’s travel, tourism, culinary arts, hospitality, culture and heritage industry on both domestic and international fronts. To achieve this aim, the Foundation is striving to develop a qualified and professionally trained human resource within the country to serve the local and international industry in keeping with international standards, and to represent Pakistan on international forums as the best education and training provider in the field.


The objectives of COTHM Hospitality Foundation are establishing a tourism and hospitality management university as well as colleges and training institutions across the country; collaboration with both private and public sectors to run teaching and training projects; providing professional support through lectures and seminars to the tourism, travel, culinary and hospitality industry; providing common people access to upcoming training opportunities in the field which, in turn, will enable them to reap the economic benefits that this huge industry offers; taking up CSR initiatives to support the government and other departments in their social development programmes thus serving the underprivileged by improving their skill set; providing free education and training opportunities to deserving students through scholarships and other financial assistance programmes; and promotion of gender equality in society by providing skill development education and training opportunities to women.

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