The Level-7 Post Graduate Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management provides an industry relevant postgraduate academic progression route for those who want to build on their bachelor’s level qualification or improve their career progression.

It also provides an effective route for graduates in other fields who wish to make a career change into the growing hospitality and tourism industry. Given the broad and highly varied nature of the hospitality and tourism industry, candidates will need to demonstrate the higher-level skills and qualities specified in the Level 7 outcomes within a non-homogeneous vocational context.

Entry Level : Bachelor's

Duration : 6 Months (1 Semester)

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About CTH-UK

The Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality (CTH) is one of the UK's leading professional membership and awarding body for qualifications in the fastest growing commercial sector worldwide. The CTH was established in 1982 to provide recognized standards of management training appropriate to the needs of the hotel and travel industries, via its syllabi, examinations and awards. These have been continuously developed and improved to ensure they are relevant and up to date. This has been carried out under the careful scrutiny and supervision of experts in all aspects of the hotel, tourism and travel industries. CTH programs are well respected across the hospitality, tourism and travel industries. COTHM is one of CTH’s most widely established Center of Excellence for providing education and training in hospitality and tourism management

Course Objectives

To understand the interrelationship between the hospitality and tourism sectors.
To explore the strategic issues in business development, rather than operational level issues.
To secure employment at senior supervisory/management level.
c. To secure employment at senior supervisory/management level.
d. To secure progression on to the dissertation stage of a Master’s Degree.

Admission Requirments

Applicants should be holders of the CTH Level 6 Diploma or Pakistani HEC recognized bachelor’s degree with a minimum of three years’ work experience in Hospitality Industry. All applicants should have English proficiency.


Assessment involves investigative assignments, presentations and research activities. The assessment of candidates’ work is center based, against the specified learning outcomes and directed by CTH.

Master Pathway

CTH Postgraduate Diploma graduates have access to a range of universities to convert their Postgraduate Diploma into a Master's Degree; Students are required to complete just a Dissertation to convert the CTH Level 7 Postgraduate Diploma in to an MSc Degree. For details visit:

Research based Courses

Hospitality and Tourism Marketing Strategies
Management and Leadership across Cultures
Hospitality and Tourism Strategic Planning
Managing Hospitality and Tourism Projects
Research Methods for Hospitality and Tourism Managers

Qualifications are Awarded by


Compulsory Units

Number Course Code Course Title
1 HTMS Hospitality & Tourism Marketing Strategies
2 MLAC Management & Leadership Across Cultures
3 HTSP Hospitality & Tourism Strategic Planning

Optional Units

Number Course Code Course Title
1 MHTP Managing Hospitality & Tourism Project or
2 RMHTM Research Methods for Hospitality & Tourism Managers

Tuition Fee & Charges (PAK Rupees)

Registration Fee 5,000/-
Professional Kit 13,000/-
International Certification Charges:
British Level 7 Certification by CTH-UK 85,000/-
Global Professional Development Program (GPDP) Dubai, UAE 11,000/-
Tution Fee:
First Semester Tution Fee 55,000/-
Second Semester Tution Fee 55,000/-
Total Fee & Certification Charges:
Total Fee 224,000/-
British Highfield Food Safety Level 2 5,000/-
Grand Total
Total Fee 229,000/-