Global Distribution System Fares & Ticketing (GDSFT)

Explorer and interpret GDS Fares by using Mileage System Pricing. Check minimum fare rules & identity the different journey types Lowest combination, around the world journeys and circle trips.

Entry Level : Intermediate / A / O-Level or Above

Duration : 3 Months

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Course Objectives

To provide the best fares as per required by passengers.
Learn about fare rules, read interpret and use the GDS for manually-priced reservation, Customs & Currency Regulations
Book and sell travel products using Global Distribution System such as Amadeus or Galileo.

A combination of modules from IATA, with renowned Computerized Airline Reservations Concept, which provide benefits to those who are looking forward to launch their careers in the travel industry. Certifications awarded by COTHM, IATA, Learn Travel UK, Amadeus, or Galileo

Certifications awarded by COTHM, IATA, Learn Travel UK, Amadeus, or Galileo

Qualifications are Awarded by

iata IATA Cothm COTHM

Courses List

Number Course Title
1 Introduction to mileage based Air Fares, analyzing itineraries and retrieving fares from a GDS
2 Pricing One-way and Circle trips
3 Limitations on indirect travel, side trips and Surface sectors
4 Backhauls, Circle trips, journeys in different classes of service and alternative fare break points
5 Lowest Combinations, Round the world journeys and Minimum checks
6 GDS Training on (Amadeus / Galileo) (For New Students Only)

Tuition Fee & Charges (PAK Rupees)

Registration Fee 5,000/-
Professional Kit 13,000/-
International Certification Charges:
GDS Certification by IATA-Canada 45,000/-
Global Professional Development Program (GPDP) Dubai,UAE 6,000/-
Tution Fee:
First Term Tution Fee 46,000/-
Grand Total:
Total Fee 115,000/-