The Graduate Diploma in International Culinary Arts, a comprehensive 24-Months training program comprising 18 months intense hands-on training combined with conceptual theoretical knowledge followed by 6-Months full time industrial internship, aims at imparting a scientific approach to the students of culinary arts. It is the prime objective of COTHM to create a new generation of chefs who possess culinary skills and a professional vision to explore new horizons of excellence in the field of culinary arts.

Entry Level : Matric to Master

Duration : 2 years (18-Months Theory /Practical + 6-Months Internship)

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Course Objectives

The program has been designed with a view to integrating diverse skills and knowledge about the hospitality industry and strong foundation in food preparation, essential cookery , hygiene, food safety and quality as well as presentation techniques which are indispensable ingredients to launch a successful career in the food-service industry. Language training, management tools and techniques form an essential part of the program which equip the students with a high level of capability to perform in the most competitive multi-cultural environment internationally.

Qualifications are Awarded by


Term 1

Number Course Code Course Title
1 GDICA-101 The Professional Chef - I
2 HACCP-101 Food Safety Managing with the HACCP System
3 COM-101 Computer Application
4 ENG-101 Basic English Communications - I
5 GPDP-101 Global Professional Development

Term 2

Number Course Code Course Title
1 GDICA-102 The Professional Chef
2 HACCP-102 Food Safety Managing with the HACCP System II
3 ENG-102 Basic English Communications - II

Term 3

Number Course Code Course Title
1 GDICA-103 The Professional Chef -III
2 PRO-103 Research Project I

Term 4

Number Course Code Course Title
1 GDICA-104 Pakistani Cuisine
2 PRO-104 Research Project II

Term 5

Number Course Code Course Title
1 GDICA-105 Professional Baking
2 PRO-105 Research Project III

Term 6

Number Course Code Course Title
1 GDICA-106 Food Styling, Fine Dinning & Food & Beverage Managment
2 PRO-106 Research Project IV

Tuition Fee & Charges (PAK Rupees)

Registration Fee 5,000/-
Professional Kit 13,000/-
Food Lab Fee 80,000/-
International Certification Charges:
British Certification by ICM, UK 9,000/-
British Food Safety Level 2 by Highfield, UK 5,000/-
Commis Chef (II) Certification by WACS, Paris 10,000/-
Chefs' Association of Pakistan Membership 5,000/-
Global Professional Devlopment Program (GPDP) Dubai, UAE 11,000/-
Tution Fee:
First Term Tution Fee 40,000/-
Second Term Tution Fee 40,000/-
Third Term Tution Fee 40,000/-
Fourth Term Tution Fee 40,000/-
Fifth Term Tution Fee 40,000/-
Sixth Term Tution Fee 40,000/-
Total Fee & Certification Charges:
Total Fee 378,000/-
Chef De Partie Certification by WACS, Paris 24,000/-
Grand Total:
Total Fee 402,000/-