The Certificate: Specialization in Pakistani Cuisine is a comprehensive training program with a specific focus on the professional Pakistani Cuisine. Three months of intense hands-on training combined with conceptual theoretical and practical knowledge prepares students for a rewarding career in the hospitality and Restaurant sector. COTHM conducts certificate in Pakistani Cuisine in which students are provided with a sound foundation in preparing Pakistani cuisine.

Entry Level : Matric to Master

Duration : 3 Months

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Course Objectives

Designed for Students with varying levels of experience, Pakistani cooking certificate programs offer an introduction to the fundamental concepts and techniques of Pakistani cooking. Pakistani cooking certificate programs emphasize the fundamentals of Pakistani cuisine and practical cooking skills. However, students with restaurant experience with practical culinary training benefit from these programs in terms of a career boost.

Qualifications are Awarded by


Complete Program

Tuition Fee & Charges (PAK Rupees)

Registration Fee 5,000/-
Professional Kit 13,000/-
Food Lab Fee 14,000/-
SDC Certification, Govt. of Pakistan 1,000/-
International Certification Charges:
British Food Safety Level 2 by Highfield, UK 5,000/-
Chefs' Association of Pakistan Membership 5,000/-
Global Professional Development Program (GPDP) Dubai, UAE 8,000/-
Tution Fee:
First Term Tution Fee 30,000/-
Grand Total
Total Fee 80,000/-