Certificate in Professional Fast Food, Baking & Cookery

The Professional Baking and Cookery Training Program, is a comprehensive training program with a specific focus on the modern fast food and baking concepts. Three months of intense hands-on training combined with conceptual theoretical knowledge prepares students for a rewarding career in the field of fast food & baking.

The program has been designed with a view to integrating diverse skills and knowledge not only about the fast food & baking but also to impart knowledge of various international cuisines. Students also learn skills vital to their success in the industry, including nutrition, food preparation and sanitation principles.

The learning in this program equips the students with a high level of capability to perform in the most competitive professional environment internationally.

Entry Level : Matric or Above

Duration : 3 Months

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Tuition Fee & Charges (PAK Rupees)

Registration Fee 5,000/-
Professional Kit 13,000/-
Food Lab Fee 10,000/-
International Certification Charges:
British Certification by ICM, UK 8,000/-
British Food Safety Level 2 by Highfield, UK 5,000/-
Chefs' Association of Pakistan Membership 5,000/-
Global Professional Development Program (GPDP) Dubai, UAE 8,000/-
Tution Fee:
First Term Tution Fee 33,000/-
Grand Total
Total Fee 87,000/-