International Youth Foundation

From the Jordan valley to the coast of India, from rural Tanzanian villages to the favelas of Brazil, you will learn about IYFs impact on young lives. Throughout these pages, we also introduce you to the businesses, governments, and civil society organizations that work with us to ensure that todays youth have the knowledge, skills, and opportunities they need to succeed. 
For over twenty years, IYF has sought to tell a new story about the role of young people in our world. Rather than view youth as ‘problems to be solved, we recognize and support their role as creative problem solvers. We engage young people as partners in development, equipping them with the know-how and tools to contribute to their communities. 
At the core of our work is creating new possibilities for young people. From here, you are only a click away from reading our latest news, downloading user-friendly publications, and learning about our dedicated staff, on-the-ground partners, and proven programs in close to 80 countries.

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