Diploma in Air Ticketing & Reservation Systems

Duration:    3 Months

Entry Level: Inter /A-Level or Above

Certifications are awarded by:  COTHM,  LEARN TRAVEL-UK,  AMADEUS & GALILEO

Note: If you also enrolled and successfully passed the IATA-UFTAA exam, then you will receive a globally accepted certificate issued by IATA-UFTAA (Canada).
Course Overview:
This diploma training program offers an all-round introduction to the newcomers in Travel and Tourism Industry. It also covers key Personal Development Skills, including use of Telephone, Selling, Customer Service and Interview techniques which will be helpful to the students later in the job market and at their work environment. This course enables the learners to develop skills in order to quote fares, interpret and issue Air Travel documentation. This diploma program also helps students understand IATA terms & definitions, know IATA areas and enable them to select and construct fares using the mileage system. They will also develop the skills to complete Tickets and understand Ticketing procedures and abbreviations used by IATA within the Ticketing process, whether in the form of Manual, Automated or E-ticketing. This diploma is a mix blend of Amadeus & Galileo Reservation Systems (GDS), enabling students to get jobs in Travel, Tourism and Airline Management.

Course Contents:



• GLOBAL FARES & TICKETING                                      


Course Objectives:

At the completion of this course, students should be able to:

This Diploma program provides the essential skills and qualifications required when working in today’s travel industry.  

A combination of the selected Studies modules of Travel Industry and Airline Fares and Ticketing with renowned Computerized Airline Reservations Systems, will provide benefits for those who are looking to launch their career in the travel industry.

Tuition Fee & Charges (PAK Rupees)

First Semester  
Registration Fee 5,000/-
Professional Kit  10,000/-
Tuition Fee 30,000/-
External Qualification/ Examination & Certification 10,000/-
UK Certification (Learn Travel -UK) 10,000/-
Total 65,000/-



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