Certificate in Cabin Crew

Duration:    3 Months

Entry Level: Inter /A-Level or Above

Certifications are awarded by:   COTHM, Air Blue, Learn Travel (UK)& Amadeus

Course Overview:
The Aviation Industry is the fastest growing industry in the world, with thousands of jobs being created every year. This Diploma program provides the essential skills and qualifications required when working in today’s Travel industry.  
A combination of the selected Studies modules of Travel Industry and Cabin Crew Essentials with renowned Computerized Airline Reservation System will provide benefits for those who are looking to launch their career as Cabin Crew Member in future.

Course Contents:



  • Identify the guidelines of Service Excellence in the Travel Industry.
  • Understand IATA terms and definitions, Aircraft Types, Aircraft Configurations and Cabin Interior Systems
  • Overview of Customer Service, Creating a Positive Personal Image, Effective Communications, Recognizing Conflicts, Passenger Complaints, Sales Opportunities
  • Trolley Services with Special Meal, Handling Foreign Cash, Closing the Sales
  • Importance of Team Work, Health, Safety and Security
  • Standard Operational Procedures (SOP), Pre-Flight and Post-Flight Duties
  • Safety Procedure on Apron, Air side Safety, Disembarkation
  • Role of the Cabin Crew, Airline Recruitment Requirements, Interview Skills


Course Objectives:

Working as Cabin Crew will mean you will be dealing with different customers all the time; keep focuses on how to provide excellent customer care, provide clear communication and how best to work as part of a team. Throughout each module there are exercises to test your knowledge along with a review. Finally, once you have completed all six modules, you can take a validation covering all six areas of learning which can earn you a ‘Certificate in Cabin Crew’ by Learn Travel, UK.


Tuition Fee & Charges (PAK Rupees)

First Semester  
Registration Fee 5,000/-
Professional Kit  10,000/-
Tuition Fee 30,000/-
External Qualification/ Examination & Certification 5,000/-
UK Certification (Learn Travel-UK) 10.000/-
Total 60,000/-


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