Diploma in International Travel & Tourism Management

Duration:    6 Months

Entry Level: Inter /A-Level or Above

Certifications are awarded by:  COTHM, IATA-UFTAA & Amadeus

Course Overview:
How to use the Passenger Air Tariff Books. To simplify the terms used in PAT. Explanations to fare construction steps, the essence of fare calculation beginning with the fare construction formula and the fundamentals of currency conversion and rounding

Course Contents:



  • The Travel & Tourism Industry and the Travel Professional
  • Geography in Travel Planning, Travel Formalities
  • Land Transport – Rail, Water Transport – Ferries & Cruise 
  • Land Transport – Car and Camper, Tour Packages
  • Hotels, Air Transport Essentials, Customer Service
  • Technology in the Travel Industry
  • Airfares & Ticketing
  • GDS Electronic Booking Tools


Course Objectives:

The module moves to indirect travel using specified routings and the Mileage System. This format allows to follow a logical progression of steps by journey type such as the fare construction steps for one way, round and circle trips. The IATA International Travel & Tourism Diploma (endorsed by IATA-UFTAA) gives the participant a strong competitive edge to start a successful career in the Travel & Tourism Industry.


Tuition Fee & Charges (PAK Rupees)

First Semester  
Registration Fee 5,000/-
Professional Kit  10,000/-
Tuition Fee 50,000/-
Total 65,000/-
Second Semester  
Tution Fee 50,000/-
External Qualification/ Examination & Certification 5,000/-
Total 55,000/-
Grand Total 120,000/-



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