M.Sc. in Tourism & Hospitality Management


Qualifications are awarded by: University of The Punjabpu logo Accredited by HECHec


Entry Level: BA/ B.Com/ B. Sc or equivalent with minimum 45% Marks

Duration:  2 Year 

Course Overview:

With over 12 years now behind COTHM, it has risen to become the first and only Institute of its kind in Pakistan. An example of COTHM's dedication to excellence in this field is the introduction of an M.Sc. Program in the field of Hospitality and Tourism. The degree is being offered in affiliation with the Punjab University, for the first time in Pakistan's history. The Masters Program aims to provide participants with a top-tier education that is delivered by the leading academics and experts from the national and international hospitality sector. 
The program takes a broad view of tourism and Hospitality management, exploring issues and problems related to a wide range of situations that managers and other professionals usually face in the field. Students will develop academic skills and knowledge, learning approaches to management decision-making and critical evaluation. There is also a practical focus on managerial and strategic issues in the rapidly developing tourism industry.
Tourism and hospitality is a major industry across the world. It is dynamic, competitive, fast growing and international in nature. It encompasses everything from urban, social and cultural tourism to deluxe hotels, restaurants, designer bars, catering operations and clubs. The Masters Program covers all aspects of the tourism and hospitality management in its curriculum that is designed to equip students with the management skills and analytical capabilities necessary to pursue careers in a wide range of organizational settings.
COTHM graduates are entrepreneurs, restaurateurs, developers, analysts, consultants, corporate directors, and managers of hotels, resorts, and spas. Our strong alumni network, spread all over the world, provides outstanding access to career opportunities overseas.

Course Objectives:

This M.Sc. Program takes a social science approach to tourism and hospitality and combines it with practical skills for the workplace.


Course Contents:


Year – 1

1.THM 301- Introduction to Hospitality & Tourism


2. THM 302- Tour Operation


3. THM 305- Communication Skills & Personal Development


4.THM 307- Food & Beverage Management


5.THM 308- Human Resource Management


6.THM 309- Heritage & Visitors Attraction

Year – 2

1.THM 401- Room Division Management
2.THM 403- Marketing & Advertising
3.THM 405- Research Method & Techniques
4.THM 408- Eco Tourism
5.THM 409-Event Management
6. THM 311- Hotel Management Accounting



Tuition Fee & Charges (PAK Rupees)

Registration Fee  5,000/-
Professional Kit 10,000/-
External Qualification / Examination Fee 16,000/-
Year 1: Training Practicals  14,000/-
Tuition Fee 130,000/-
Total (Year 1) 175,000/-
Year 2: Training Practicals 14,000/-
Tuition Fee 160,000/-
Total (Year 2) 174,000/-
Total 349,000/-
Optional: British Certification Food Safety Level 2 (Highfield UK) 7,000/-
Grand Total 356,000/-


* (Books will be charged separately)
*  Degree Fee 2,000/- (Payable after successful completion)
Note:- Fee is subject to revision without prior notice



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