Certificate in Cake Decorations & Fondant Art

Duration:  3 Months 

Entry Level: Matric or above 

Qualification are Awarded by: COTHM

Course Overview:

The Certificate in cake decorating and fondant art is a comprehensive training program with a specific focus on the professional cake decorating and fondant techniques. Three months of intense hands-on training combined with conceptual theoretical and practical knowledge prepares students for a rewarding career in the hospitality and baking sector. COTHM conducts certificate in professional baking in which students are provided with a sound foundation in commercial professional cake decorating and fondant skills. 
An intensive cake decorating techniques, making rolled fondant from scratch and using it to cover cakes, gum paste, French butter cream frosting, detailed piping techniques, chocolate decorations specifically tailored for cakes covering, exquisite sugar floristry,  mold making methods, and airbrushing skills and Royal Icing details.

Course Objectives:

Students will learn how to bake and ice cakes with a variety of fondant effects. It will also master the techniques of how to professionally prepare, layer and cover larger cake too. This course certificate provides a practical introduction on the use of various piping media such as royal icing, chocolate, piping jelly, delicate sugar lace pieces, pipe embroidery, filigree work, flounce and frills and sugar paste to design and decorate a cake.


Tuition Fee & Charges (PAK Rupees)


Registration Fee 5,000/-
Professional Kit 10,000/-
SDC Certification, Govt. of Pakistan 1,000/-
Food Lab Fee 20,000/-
Tuition Fee 30,000/-
Total 66,000/-
Optional: Membership (WACS- Paris/ CAP) 5,000/-
Optional: British Certification Food Safety Level 2 (Highfield UK) 7,000/-
Grand Total  78,000/-




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