Graduate Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management (AH&LA-USA)

Entry Level: Intermediate / A -Level or Above  

Duration: 18 Months (14 Months Study + 4 Months Internship)

Qualifications are awarded by:   AH&LA-USA and COTHM

Course Overview:

This Diploma is a highly intensive 3-term program providing a fast track American qualification in Hospitality and Tourism and a strong qualification to start a career at junior management level in the Hospitality industry. The Diploma in Hospitality Management program is specifically designed for young Pakistani wishing to enter the international hotel and hospitality field and who are aspiring to a management career in this industry. 
Students learn specialization in food & Beverage service and production alongside a variety of academic disciplines. Throughout the program discipline such as, punctuality, ethics and hygiene are encouraged as they are highly valued throughout the world and count as much as academic and practical skills in ensuring a successful career.

Course Objectives:

This program provides students with the crucial link between academia and the global hospitality industry. This 1.5 year diploma program will prepare students for entry-level management roles in any hospitality-related business. It features basic hotel management courses, hands-on supervisory experience in service and operations, and a professional internship in a hospitality related business.

Tuition Fee & Charges (PAK Rupees)

First Semester:


Registration Fee  5,000/-
Professional Kit 10,000/-
Training Practical 5,000/-
External Qualiication/ Examination Fee 40,000/-
Tution Fee   70,000/
Total 130,000/-


Second Semester

External Qualiication/ Examination Fee   40,000/-
Tution Fee   75,000/-
Total   115,000/-


Third Semester

External Qualiication/ Examination Fee  40,000/-
Tution Fee   80,000/-
Total  115,000/- 


Fourth Semester                           Full Time Internship

Optional: British Certification Food Safety Level 2 (Highfield UK) 7,000/-
Grand Total                                      372,000/-

Note: Scholorship amount of Rs. 100,000/-  is already deducted from original amount of Rs. 360,000/- 


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