Communication Skills Master Class

►Entry Level: Matric/Intermediate/Bachelor


This  Effective  Communications  Training  Course  helps  people  communicate  effectively,  appropriately  and clearly in all situations. This is a great course for everyone as the benefits can have a positive effect on every aspect of their life. Learn to understand how you communicate, how others communicate and adjust to meet their needs. This will help them receive your message more clearly and improve relationships in general. If you have  never  completed  a  Communications  Course  of  this  type  you  are  missing  out  on  awareness  and understanding  of  fundamental  concepts  that  can  have  a  profound  effect  on  your  life  and  success  in  the workplace.

►Learning Outcomes:

• Identify their Personality Type & communication preferences using our proprietary Profiling Tool hoice


• Learn to recognise other people's Personality Types & communication preferences 

• Master adjusting one's own communication approach based on need 
• Identify barriers to effective communication and how to overcome them 
• Effectively utilise tone 
• Develop nonverbal & paraverbal communication skills 
• Master the S.T.A.R. method for speaking on the spot 
• Learn to use body language appropriately 
• Learn to listen actively & effectively 
• Gain insight into asking open questions 
• Use appreciative inquiry as a communication tool
• Evaluate body language
• Identify micro expressions and signs of distress
• Evaluate gestures and context 
• Be alert for signs of contradiction 
• Recognize how the brain uses heuristics to form judgments quickly
• Have an understanding of eye movement 
• Practice mirroring techniques 
• Analyze the cues the professionals use to uncover deceit and untruths 
• Demonstrate congruency in you communication style 
• Analyzing real life body tapes 
• Pinpoint behaviors that distort the intended message 
• Portray a positive message



►Tuition Fee & Charges (PAK Rupees)

Fee: 75,000




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