School of Travel, Tourism & Airline Management
School of travel,tourism & airline management
COTHM School of Travel
With technological advancements, business and corporate links are expanding beyond geographical boundaries. The global cycle of travel and tourism is increasing since the interaction between people through mainstream and social media is growing day by day. More people are travelling across regions and continents for business ties, collaborations, studies, medical facilities, tourism, and other purposes. In this era of global connectivity, the Travel, Tourism & Airline Management is one of the fastest growing industries in the world where the demand for highly qualified professionals shows a bullish trend. As new airports and airlines are being built and the older expanded in almost every other country, the opportunities for related businesses and trained human resource and qualified professionals have multiplied enormously to run operations successfully. 
Understanding the current and future needs of this sector, COTHM has developed specialized study programs in this field for ambitious students who want to get into this flourishing business and be at higher peaks of success in life. Besides, we offer internationally recognized and accredited qualifications from the top travel, tourism and airline management training institutes. Our programs are based on providing vocational training combined with explanations of academic theory, which are furnished by competent working professionals right from the field. Our alumni have been serving in various departments of many noted, high-class international airlines, airports, transport companies, travel & tourism agencies, governmental tourism departments, institutes whereas many run their own travel and tourism firms.
Career prospects
Business management and communication skills form the basis of airport operations, cabin crew services, travel agency management and tour management etc. At COTHM, you learn how to master these skills. While some of our former students are currently running their own travel & tour operations and management agencies, many are on their progressive career paths with renowned travel agencies, transport companies, domestic and international airlines and airports as ticketing & reservation staff, travel consultants, lodging managers, flight attendants, cabin crew and executives in airport operations and management. You can also make your career as a tour manager, travel agency manager, travel administrator, tourism officer, tourist information centre manager, human resource manager, marketing and sales executive, customer service manager and event organizer. 
If you are good at communication skills, trouble shooting, decision making, pay attention to detail and are organized, this field is for you. The career opportunities are abundant as a world of newer possibilities unveils itself each day. By offering all sought-after study programs in this vast field, COTHM ensures that you get the right education to claim your success. 
School of Travel , Tourism & Airline Management Offers the following Programs:
» Post Graduate Diploma in International Travel & Tourism Advisor (UK)
» Advance Diploma in Professional Airline Management
» Diploma in International Travel & Tourism Management
» Certificate in Airport Operation (CAO)
» Certificate in Cabin Crew
» Diploma in Air Ticketing & Reservation Systems
Head of Department Travel and tourism managment
Zafar Rasheed 
Head of Department 
Travel & Tourism Studies 

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