To provide the maximum number of people with educational opportunities in this field, we have expanded our school network to all major cities of Pakistan. We are committed to serve the hospitality, travel, tourism by producing world-class professionals. Education is a lifelong experience. Hospitality, travel, tourism and culinary arts programs at COTHM facilitate that process with progression through flexible entry and exit routes. While the attainment of educational awards is important, personality development is another facet of a student’s education that COTHM provides with responsibility.

COTHM Alumni Association will be established and it will be a step towards perfection on the part of COTHM.
From the platform of the COTHM Alumni Association, all the passed out students will be contacted and registered with the association.
After this registration, the students will come in a constant contact with their alma mater through official text messages even after completing their tenure at COTHM.
All the campaigns regarding admissions and other activities will also be advertised among the alumni through official texts.
Greetings on religious, national, international and social festivals will also be spread through official texts.
This network of students will be ultimately helping the organisation at all the fronts including admissions.
To make this relation even stronger, COTHM Annual Alumni Dinner will be organised where alumni will show up to express their love for COTHM. (For dinner, per head charges will be collected from the students.)
Our prominent alumni will be invited to the dinner where proper media coverage of the event will be managed.
COTHM Alumni Card will act like a binding force between the college and students throughout the activity.
The price of this card can be Rs 500 initially.
The holder of the COTHM Alumni Card will be offered discounts at various prestigious outlets initially in Lahore. At least 10 brands will be taken on the panel of COTHM Alumni Association every month.
All the updates will be sent to the alumni through text messages and emails.
In the next phase, these brands will help the organisation in offering jobs and internships to its students.
The holder of the COTHM Alumni Card will be treated like a student within the premises of the college. (Our slogan: Once a COTHMIAN is always a COTHMIAN.)
The blood relatives of a COTHM Alumnus will be offered special discounts in admissions.

COTHM Alumni Association :

COTHM Alumni Association is a well-thought-out student body which comprises all the passed out students from the platform of COTHM International. The foremost purpose behind establishing this alumni association is to gather all the COTHMIANS at a unified platform to keep them updated about their alma mater even after completing their tenure at the college. To make it more beneficial and useful for the students, an exclusive COTHM Alumni Card has been designed to give some extraordinary DISCOUNTS to COTHM Alumni at various outlets of their interest. From the platform of COTHM Alumni Association, the passed students, just like currently enrolled students, receive all the pieces of information regarding various employment opportunities. Adding more value to the COTHM Alumni Association, a high-class annual COTHM Alumni Dinner is organised where Distinguished COTHMIANS are invited to express their success stories.

All the passed out students and the students in their last semesters can get their COTHM Alumni Card after getting themselves registered with the COTHM Alumni Association by getting the COTHM Alumni Association Form from the front office.