President Message

Choosing a career can be made easy simply by applying three fundamental principles. 
First: you must be satisfied that there will be employment opportunities at the completion of your education and training.
Second: that there will be real prospects for future advancement. 
Third: the nature of your career is personally fulfilling and rewarding. Hospitality & Tourism offer all the above in abundance. 
I am very happy to have witnessed the tremendous progress achieved by COTHM over the past few years. The future is bound to be even brighter, considering the high quality of management and staff, the continuously upgraded facilities, the caliber and motivation of the students, the variety of internationally accredited programs of study and the geographical expansion across the globe.
I am glad that at COTHM, students’ future is in safe and secure hands. The knowledge and training being imparted here is up to date and modern. A bright professional career awaits COTHM’s students all over the world.
Best Wishes,
Antonis Charalambides
Honorary President 
COTHM Pakistan & Dubai

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